I have made many friends over the years. Our volunteers are the best and Covid hasn’t stopped us from taking care of our neighbors. We all have the same mission which is to help our neighbors the best we can. God Bless. — Jane Michaels

Jane Michaels started working at the pantry about 11 years ago (2010) and continues to put in 50-60 volunteer hours a month.  When she began volunteering at the food pantry, Jane packaged toilet paper and soap to put into boxes for the families who visited the pantry. Since then, Jane has helped in many ways. She sorts clothing and household donations, organizes and displays them so families are able to take items they need. In addition to this, Jane welcomes everyone who comes to the pantry.  She registers each person and documents the number of adults, children and homeless clients. Even through the pandemic, Jane worked each week to help take care of the community.